BioMedical Tens Prep Wipes, Electrode

BioMedical Tens Prep Wipes disinfects, cleans, and leaves a protective coating that shields the skin during electrotherapy sessions. These wipes also increase adhesion and conductivity while helping to prevent body

20.99 р.

Axelgaard UltraStim X Electrodes, Square

Axelgaard UltraStim X Electrodes feature the oversize border, which is specially designed to facilitate ease of proper removal to further promote electrode durability. These electrodes feature proprietary silver grid pattern

80.56 р.

Pain Management FA2000 Soft Touch

Pain Management FA2000 Soft Touch Cloth Back PMT Gel Electrode is a self-adhesive reusable disposable electrode with a pig tail pin connector. Available with a carbon and a blue cloth

1.57 р.

Chattanooga Dura-Stick Premium Electrodes, 1.5

Chattanooga Dura-Stick Premium Electrodes are constructed of stainless steel mesh and blue gel which gives the ability to effectively deliver electrical therapy to patients. They have pure conductive silver

112.20 р.

Performa Cloth and Foam Electrodes

Performa Cloth and Foam Electrodes are designed with white spun lace or foam topcoat for patient comfort and comformability. Electrodes are used for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation TENS.

84.99 р.

North Coast Medical Multi-Use Hydrogel

North Coast Medical Multi-use Hydrogel Foam Back Electrodes possess superior quality, outstanding adhesion and use multiple gel layer technology. It is available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each

7.25 р.

Axelgaard PALS Platinum Foam

Axelgaard PALS Platinum Foam Electrodes combine stainless steel knit fabric and hydrogel construction with a soft foam top. These electrodes are designed for all FES and TENS applications and

112.90 р.

BodyMed Foam Backed Self-Adhering Electrodes

BodyMed BodyMed Foam Backed Self-Adhering Electrodes are used with TENS, electrical muscle stimulators. These carbon electrodes are flexible, reusable, latex free. They are reliable, sturdy electrodes that come off and

9.25 р.

Parker Polysonic Ultrasound Lotion, 250

Parker Polysonic Ultrasound Lotion contains rich, formula. The lotion is comfortable and pleasing to patient and ultrasound practitioner. It is acoustically correct for the broad range of frequencies used. It

46.99 р.